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Wrapped Sei

Wrapping and Unwrapping SEI Tokens

This is a quick walk through of the process of wrapping and unwrapping SEI tokens using the DragonSwap (opens in a new tab) interface, as well as adding the token to your MetaMask wallet.

Step 1: Connecting Your Wallet

First, ensure your wallet is connected. Most dashboards like this will show your connected wallet address, or a button to connect the wallet app at the top-right of the screen.

Connected address and Wrap/Unwrap option

Connected address and Wrap/Unwrap option

Step 2: Selecting the Wrap/Unwrap Option

You can either use the "Wrap/Unwrap" button directly from the main menu or select it from the swap menu.

Selecting Wrap/Unwrap option

Selecting Wrap/Unwrap option

Step 3: Choosing the Token to Wrap

Select WSEI from the token list. If it is not listed, you can manually search for it.

Select WSEI token

Selecting WSEI token

Step 4: Adding the Token to MetaMask

If this is your first time wrapping SEI, you need to add the WSEI token to your MetaMask wallet. You will be prompted to add the token.

Add WSEI to MetaMask

Adding WSEI to MetaMask

Confirm the addition of the WSEI token.

Confirm addition of WSEI token

Confirming addition of WSEI token

Step 5: Wrapping SEI

Now, enter the amount of SEI you want to wrap and confirm the transaction.

Enter amount to wrap

Entering amount to wrap

Wrap SEI transaction

Wrapping SEI transaction

You can also access the wrapping function directly from the transaction menu.

Step 6: Viewing the Wrapped Token

Once the transaction is confirmed, you can view your WSEI balance in your MetaMask wallet.

View WSEI balance

Viewing WSEI balance

Unwrapping SEI

To unwrap WSEI back to SEI, follow the same steps but select the unwrap option.


Wrapping and unwrapping SEI tokens is a straightforward process. Ensure you have the correct token added to your wallet and follow the steps for wrapping or unwrapping as needed.