VM Interoperability
EVM Precompiles

Addr Precompile

Address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000001004

This precompile enables EVM clients to query the associated Sei address to an EVM Address and vice versa. For this to work, the addresses must have already been associated on chain.

Association takes place when the wallet first signs and broadcasts any transaction. Some Sei native wallets also provide this feature.



  • getSeiAddr: Gets the corresponding Sei Address from the given EVM Address

      /// Queries the corresponding Sei Address for some EVM address.
      /// @param acc The EVM Address for which we want the corresponding Sei address.
      /// @return The corresponding Sei address.
      function getSeiAddr(
          address addr
      ) external view returns (string memory response);
  • getEvmAddr: Gets the corresponding EVM Address from the given Sei Address

      /// Queries the corresponding EVM Address for some Sei address.
      /// @param acc The Sei Address for which we want the corresponding EVM address.
      /// @return The corresponding EVM address.
      function getEvmAddr(
          string memory addr
      ) external view returns (address response);

View the Addr precompile source code and the contract ABI here (opens in a new tab).