seid query ibc client consensus-state

Query the consensus state for a particular light client at a given height.
If the '--latest' flag is included, the query returns the latest consensus state, overriding the height argument.
  seid query ibc client consensus-state [client-id] [height] [flags]
<appd> query ibc client  consensus-state [client-id] [height]
      --height int      Use a specific height to query state at (this can error if the node is pruning state)
  -h, --help            help for consensus-state
      --latest-height   return latest stored consensus state
      --node string     <host>:<port> to Tendermint RPC interface for this chain (default "tcp://localhost:26657")
  -o, --output string   Output format (text|json) (default "text")
      --prove           show proofs for the query results (default true)
Global Flags:
      --chain-id string     The network chain ID
      --home string         directory for config and data (default "~/.sei")
      --log_format string   The logging format (json|plain)
      --log_level string    The logging level (trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal|panic)
      --trace               print out full stack trace on errors