VM Interoperability
Pointer Contracts

Pointer Contracts

Pointer Contracts enable tokens to be used interoperably in both EVM and CosmWasm environments. Intended to be efficient and quick to deploy, a pointer simply serves as an interpreter between the two "languages" used in either execution environment.

Why Pointer Contracts

Without Pointer Contracts

A world without pointer contracts

Wallets and clients for feature-rich protocols typically support only a single execution environment. EVM wallets handle ERC-20 coins and ERC-721 NFTs but cannot interact with cosmwasm contracts due to different token standards and interaction methods. The same problem exists for clients built for other protocols (like cosmwasm) which cannot directly interact with Ethereum-based contracts or ERC tokens.

Pointer Contracts solve this by enabling interoperability of either protocol, regardless of the client interface.

With Pointer Contracts

With pointer contracts, all tokens can be accessed by wallets of either environment

How Pointer Contracts Work

How Pointer Contracts Work

Pointer contracts enable seamless interoperability

Each smart contract is limited to one associated pointer contract, which must be registered on chain when deploying. This prevents conflicts and provides a reference point for verifying the authenticity of the paired contract itself.