Developers Introduction

Sei is a high-performance, low-fee, delegated proof-of-stake blockchain designed for developers. It supports optimistic parallel execution of both EVM and CosmWasm, opening up new design possibilities. With unique optimizations like twin turbo consensus and SeiDB, Sei ensures consistent 400ms block times and a transaction throughput that’s orders of magnitude higher than Ethereum. This means faster, more cost-effective operations. Plus, Sei’s seamless interoperability between EVM and CosmWasm gives developers native access to the entire Cosmos ecosystem, including IBC tokens, multi-sig accounts, fee grants, and more.


  • Parallel Execution: The ability to process multiple transactions and smart contracts concurrently, significantly boosting performance for both the EVM and CosmWasm VM's.
  • Twin Turbo Consensus: A consensus mechanism that accelerates transaction processing and finality, ensuring fast block times and finality.
  • SeiDB: A highly efficient and scalable database designed to support the high throughput of the Sei blockchain, ensuring rapid state updates.
  • Virtual Machine Interoperability: Native support for interactions between the EVM and the CosmWasm VM's within the same chain, making it seamless to integrate functionalities from both ecosystems.

EVM/CosmWasm Interoperability

Sei provides two main ways to enable interoperability between the EVM and CosmWasm. Pointer contracts and precompile contracts form the foundation for this interoperability.

Pointer Contracts

Pointer contracts allow EVM contracts to interact with CosmWasm contracts and vice versa. Pointer contracts can be deployed on both the EVM and CosmWasm sides, acting as proxies that relay messages between the two VMs. Sei supports full interoperability of Sei native and CosmWasm tokens with the EVM and EVM RPC via pointer contacts, enabling EVM dApps access to many new tokens including:

  • Fungible: ERC20 to CW20 tokens
  • NFTs: CW721 and ERC721 tokens
  • IBC: Tokens bridged via IBC to Sei
  • TokenFactory: Native tokens on Sei
  • CW2981 and ERC2981 tokens: NFTs with royalties

Precompile Contracts

  • IBC: For inter-chain communication including robust token bridging across all cosmos chains.
  • Wasm: For interactions with CosmWasm smart contracts including CW20 and CW721 standards
  • Bank Module: For managing native token transfers (usei, Token Factory, IBC denoms).
  • Staking: For delegating and managing delegations for both validators and delegators.
  • Governance: For stakers and validators to participate in governance processes.
  • And More