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Linking Address Types

Linking Sei and EVM / 0x Addresses

Each Sei address in Sei V2 has a corresponding EVM / 0x address, and vice versa. When you use Sei V2 for the first time, it is necessary to link these two addresses.


Important Note: You cannot decide which Sei and 0x addresses are linked together. Each Sei account has exactly one specific Sei address, and one specific EVM / 0x address, associated with it. They are like 2 sides of the same coin, and cannot be combined with other addresses.

You can link your Sei and EVM / 0x addresses using the Sei app: (opens in a new tab)

  1. Navigate to (opens in a new tab) using your web browser.
  2. On the Dashboard, look for the "Addresses" box.
  3. Complete captcha, if required.
  4. Click the "Link Addresses" button.
Link addresses button

This will prompt you to sign a message with your wallet - it's not a transaction, and will not charge you any gas fees.

Sign message
  1. Once you have signed that message, your accounts will be linked!
Linking successful


Wallet Addresses

Every account on Sei has a unique public key. In Sei V2, this public key translates into two different types of addresses:

  • EVM Address: This address starts with 0x and is used for EVM-based activities.

  • SEI Address: This address starts with sei and is used for Sei-native activities.

Address derivation

Although these addresses appear different, they actually share the same underlying account. This means whatever action you take with one address will also affect the other.

If you deposit funds into your EVM address, you can access and use those same funds with your SEI address, and vice versa. They are linked together as one account, ensuring seamless integration between the EVM and SEI ecosystems.