RPC Providers


Accelerate Your Sei Projects

QuickNode (opens in a new tab) is a trusted infrastructure partner for the Sei network, providing developers with powerful APIs and dedicated support to streamline their blockchain applications.

Supported Networks and APIs

Develop on Sei with confidence, leveraging secure and scalable API endpoints.

NetworkHTTPSWSSSupported APIs
MainnetTendermint JSON-RPC/REST, Cosmos REST API
DevnetEVM, Tendermint JSON-RPC/REST, Cosmos REST API
TestnetEVM, Tendermint JSON-RPC/REST, Cosmos REST API

Partnering for Progress

Sei and QuickNode partner to offer significant benefits for developers:

  • Enterprise Discount: Get a 15% discount on Sei RPC traffic and a 2-week free POC period
  • Self-Service Offer: Enjoy 2 months free on our self-service plan using SEIDEV

For more details to take advantage of these offers, click here (opens in a new tab).