Interacting With Sei
Signing Transactions

Signing Transactions


This guide provides instructions on how to sign CosmWasm transactions on the Sei network using Compass wallet.

Setting Up your Sei wallet

You can use Compass or Fin wallet to sign trasactions on Sei.

To set up Compass and connect to the Sei Network, refer to the instructions on the Setting Up A Wallet page.

Signing Transactions

CosmWasm Transactions

Signing CosmWasm transactions is straightforward and consistent with other Cosmos chains. When an app initiates a transaction, it will prompt you for a signature through your connected wallet, requiring your approval to proceed.

Example of signing an EVM transaction

Example of cosmos transaction signing

Example of signing a CosmWasm transaction

View the message before signing

You should view the message and data you are signing in the 'Messages' and 'Data' tab before to ensure you are signing the correct action approving the transaction.

Viewing Tokens

Other Tokens

You can view other tokens on the Sei network, as well as custom tokens on your compass wallet.

For tokens not automatically listed, you can find them or import them via the 'Manage Tokens' section of the wallet.


You can view all your NFTs straight from your compass wallet under the NFTs tab. If your collection is not automatically supported, you can import new collections using the 'Add Collection' button