Getting Tokens
Getting Sei

Getting Sei


Note that Sei may not be tradable in your region, subject to local laws and restrictions.

There are a few ways to get tokens on Sei Mainnet.

Centralized Exchanges

The easiest way to get SEI is to buy them on Centralized Exchanges. $SEI is available on most major exchanges, such as


Bridging is a vital process that enables the movement of tokens across different blockchains. Sei currently supports bridging through Wormhole and Axelar.


When bridging through Wormhole's Portal Bridge, your source assets are locked in a smart contract and a Wormhole-wrapped asset is minted on the target chain. These wrapped assets can then be swapped on an exchange for other assets on the target chain. Wormhole can be used to transfer tokens in from other blockchains to Sei or to transfer Sei tokens out to other blockchains.


Axelar is a blockchain that connects blockchains, enabling secure interchain communication and token transfers. When bridging through Axelar, your source assets are deposited into a one-time address. Axelar Network will then confirm the deposit and transfer the funds to the destination address on the appropriate chain.

Token address list

The following table lists the address associated with tokens bridged to Sei through Wormhole. This can be used as a reference to verify the legitimacy of tokens when you bridge.


These tokens addresses are also available in our registry (opens in a new tab) on GitHub.

Token NameSymbolSource ChainDenom
USD Coin (Axelar)axlUSDCEthereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB Smart Chainibc/F082B65C88E4B6D5EF1DB243CDA1D331D002759E938A0F5CD3FFDC5D53B3E349
Wrapped Ether (Wormhole)WETHEthereumfactory/sei189adguawugk3e55zn63z8r9ll29xrjwca636ra7v7gxuzn98sxyqwzt47l/4tLQqCLaoKKfNFuPjA9o39YbKUwhR1F8N29Tz3hEbfP2
USD Coin (Wormhole)USDCetEthereumfactory/sei189adguawugk3e55zn63z8r9ll29xrjwca636ra7v7gxuzn98sxyqwzt47l/Hq4tuDzhRBnxw3tFA5n6M52NVMVcC19XggbyDiJKCD6H
Wrapped BTC (Wormhole)WBTCEthereumfactory/sei189adguawugk3e55zn63z8r9ll29xrjwca636ra7v7gxuzn98sxyqwzt47l/7omXa4gryZ5NiBmLep7JsTtTtANCVKXwT9vbN91aS1br
Tether USDTUSDTibc/6C00E4AA0CC7618370F81F7378638AE6C48EFF8C9203CE1C2357012B440EBDB7
USD CoinUSDCibc/CA6FBFAF399474A06263E10D0CE5AEBBE15189D6D4B2DD9ADE61007E68EB9DB0